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Founded on 4th April, 2010 and announced the same year to 250 aspiring film makers at IIT Chennai, the Sacrosanct Initiative follows the basic premise of the independent film movement in appreciating the beauty of simple and realistic story telling Vs. the crippling of independent cinema in India due to lack of commercial funding and distribution.

Whilst tributing the Dogme 95 concept where a few Danish directors revolted against Hollywood Studios determining the production of films through big budgets and star casts, the
Sacrosanct Initiative places greater emphasis on subject matter than production values. The fundamental raison d'etre of the Initiative however is that it must uplift the human spirit and reveal the triumph of humanity over adversities of life.

The Sacrosanct Initiative is based on Sameer Puri's reflections and experiences gained during his tenure in the Bollywood capital of Mumbai, though its ideology extends to independent film makers globally.

Subject matter:

Human Triumph
. The film must uplift the human spirit in a well-defined way to demonstrate how beauty ultimately saves the world.

Simplicity of Story
. The plot must be easy to follow, ripe with internal (or external conflict) with a clear train of thought driving the story forward.

Complexity in Character. It must introspect into humanity, relationships, and what makes the human condition so complex and beautiful.

Language. Characters must speak in language(s) native to their true environment.

Cultural Bridge. The film should naturally cross-over to a wider audience by virtue of its dramatic and universal theme.

Originality of Thought. The film may adapt from copyright-free sources in the public domain or from officially released material but may not plagiarise other feature films, shorts, or stories under any circumstances.

Depth. The film should reference contemporary or historical issues concerning, amongst others, traditions, norms, social practices, or politics and so forth, either as a backdrop to the story or as its basis.

Charity. A discretionary contribution must be made towards a cause that underlies the theme or characters in the film, provided the film becomes profitable.


Budget. The budget of the film must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Resources. Where possible, resources must be obtained and delivered for the sake of art and the passion of making films and not for monetary gains.

Locations. Real locations must be used, sets are not allowed.

VFX. If visual effects are used they may not dominate the story nor balloon the film's budget.

Running Time. The duration of the film must rest between 75 to 180 minutes.

Internationalisation. Where possible, actors and/or crew members from outside the country of production should be used to widen diversity and contributing perspectives.