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We are a London based entertainment & trade consultancy.


Supporting entrepreneurship & movement of knowledge since the 90s

GAP2000 Ventures Ltd is headquartered in London and has an advisory presence in Amsterdam, Mumbai and Cotonou. We are committed to helping startups and SMEs achieve a powerful competitive advantage in their respective industries. Whether your idea is just taking off or your firm possesses a defined market share, we can step in to optimise your business strategy for long-term success.

Our advisors are wise entrepreneurs, with decades of hands-on experience in the entertainment, .com boom of the 90s, fashion and international trade arena. We  believe in creating exciting and dynamic endeavours, incorporating technology into our vision of the future, and rising up to challenges with (sometimes) unconventional solutions. And we do this in the spirit of excellence, for the sake of generating qualitative resolutions that will last for generations.

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124 Finchley Road
Regina House
London, NW3 5JS

+44 208 5550110


Areas of Practice


The road from inception of an idea to finished film is seldom a straight line. Riddled with puzzles and myriad mazes, creative yet realistic solutions from development to production and VFX issues must be on the table for producers and filmmakers to realise their vision. With 14 years of industry experience, GAP2000 Ventures can bring your next project into the limelight.

sustainable CONSTRUCTION

Technology is altering the face of the construction industry in environmentally friendly and efficient ways. It is now possible to engineer sustainable housing with unique building materials that prove cost-effective to create, transport and assemble on site. Our advisors work closely with Dutch institutes to deliver construction materials that will alter your architectural practice forever.


'Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere', said Albert Einstein. The same can be said of logistics, where imaginative solutions are required to tackle customs, warehousing and freight forwarding to get goods around the world efficiently and on schedule. For your company this could mean the difference between profit or loss.


We are here to grasp a firm view of your company's desired goals and charter a strategic route to achieve them. Most startups and SMEs operate in an uneven playing field where the rules of the game are predetermined. As your advisors, our role is to highlight the rules and project your company, irrespective of its size or age, as a successful and experienced player. 


While the probability of encountering shipping piracy outside of a Disney ride is low, the chances of getting encumbered and burdened in the web of import/export trading is high. What you need is an expert who can guide you, and your goods, from sourcing to getting paid on time while you focus on your core business.


The fashion industry has changed dramatically since the past 20 years. Consumers see the glamour quotient but entrepreneurs who view manufacturing and wholesaling aspects, experience production and logistical nightmares. Our firm steps in to eliminate these drawbacks so your company can concentrate on getting the best competitive advantage.


If one does not
Know to which
Port one is sailing,
No wind is favourable.
— Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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