GAP2000 Ventures
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Who We Are

We are a London based entertainment & trade consultancy.

Blast from the past...

In 1996, GAP2000 Ventures started off as an ideal rather than an idea. Its goal, as many young startups, was to change the world. How it would achieve this? At the time there was no clue except a vague dream leading to a convergence of technology and entertainment. The starting point was to seek out the latest emerging technology - the internet - and solve myriad challenges it adventurously threw out. Years of coding, designing and e-commerce was followed up with incubation of dot-com ventures, business plans and exposure to multiple industries and disciplines.

Humbled by time and wisdom, GAP2000 no longer wishes to change the world, just how we solve some of its many industrious problems. Creative problem-solving is a by-product of years of experience, industry exposure and out-of-the-box thinking. What does all this mean for your firm? To achieve success, we must interpret live data, filtered to your industry, while mapping innovative routes using technology and communication. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts, no invisible breadcrumbs leading to the land of Oz. Success on the basis of deep learning, sheer hard work and intelligent foresight are the only lasting achievements.


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